Some articles out of leftist perspective on prostitution

Survivors receptions of leftist argumentation on prostitution:

Rebecca Mott: Pimp language is everywhere

Rebecca Mott: Your Sexual Liberation is our death

Rebecca Mott: Your Justifications are killing us

Rachel Morans speech at feminist 2014
[The reality is that Radical Feminists are on the right side of history here, and they are the only feminists who get the full picture, and the reasons why it exists. Socialist Feminists have my respect, but they don’t have the whole picture here]


Maite Mola: If prostitution did not exist there would be no trafficking of persons

Chris Hedges: The Whoredom of the left

Days of Revolt: The Moral bankruptcy of the left on prostitution (interview with Lee Lakeman and Alicia Lee)

Meghan Murphy: Why does the left want prostitution to be a job like any other

Melissa Farley: Prostitution, Liberalism and Slavery

Meghan Murphy: Prostitution is more than an labour rights issue

Scottish Socialist Youth: The Abolition of the victim and post modernisms defence of the status quo

Feminist Current Interview with Kajsa Ekis Ekman

Meghan Murphy: Who is the real enemy in the prostitution debate? A response to one argument against abolition

Laura Fitzgerald: A socialist perspective on the sex industry and prostitution

Jonah Mix: On prostitution the left has taken a right-wing turn

The Feminista Hood: Neoliberalism, Queer Theory and prostitution